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Shields’ radiologists have extensive experience in mpMRI interpretation, working closely with urologists and radiation oncologists, biopsy planning and lesion segmentation. An early adopter with extensive mpMRI experience since 2011, Shields radiologists are represented on the ACR Committee for Prostate MRI Accreditation.

Hear how MRI saved this patient’s life.
78 year old Bill Whelan’s physician told him “there was a 98% chance he did NOT have prostate cancer.” Dr. Steve Sweriduk took one look at his mpMRI scan and identified a VERY significant tumor that was in fact, aggressive cancer. Had he not had the MRI, the cancer would very likely continue to progress. 

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Multi-parametric prostate MRI (mpMRI) greatly improves the accuracy of the diagnosis and management of prostate cancer. Compared with alternative tests that can be intrusive and painful, mpMRI is a standard MRI that requires no endorectal coil. The improved accuracy of tumor detection also potentially reduces the number of biopsies needed.

Meet our clinical leaders for prostate MRI.

Stephen Sweriduk, M.D.
Stephen Sweriduk, M.D.  Read full bio
David S. Titelbaum
David S. Titelbaum, M.D. Read full bio