First outpatient total shoulder replacement surgery conducted at Shrewsbury Surgery Center: The Surgery Center at Shrewsbury now offers all total joint replacement surgeries

Shrewsbury, Mass. (February 23, 2022) – The Surgery Center at Shrewsbury is proud to announce the successful completion of the first outpatient total shoulder replacement surgery at the site. By adding total shoulder replacements to the service offerings, the Surgery Center now offers a robust scope of complex joint replacement surgeries.


“Outpatient surgical facilities like The Surgery Center in Shrewsbury offer patients the opportunity to receive high-quality care in a convenient community setting and then recover in the comfort of their own homes,” said Dr. Kelton Burbank of Reliant Medical Group, the surgeon who performed the procedure. “I am proud to be part of a team that strives to improve patient outcomes as well as the patient experience.”


The Surgery Center opened its doors in May of 2018 and has since implemented a unique model designed to improve its quality of care. At The Surgery Center, specialized surgeons share individual best practices and create hybrid approaches leveraging the best techniques. This unique collaboration allows surgeons from different organizations to establish a unified approach to care, maximizing efficiencies and functions to provide an exceptional, top-tier experience for all patients.


“This milestone at The Surgery Center is the result of outstanding collaboration between our surgeons, and a dedication to delivering a high-quality surgical experience for any patient that walks through our doors,” said Mr. Prashanth Bala, MS, MHA, Vice President of ASC Operations at Shields Health Care Group. “Furthermore, it exemplifies our commitment to providing patients with exceptional care by working together as one team to maximize our efficiencies, and most importantly, the patient experience.”


The Surgery Center, located at 151 Main St, Shrewsbury, MA was developed through a community collaboration between Shields and industry leaders Reliant Medical Group, part of OptumCare, and UMass Memorial Health. The Surgery Center is open Monday through Friday from 6 AM to 5 PM and offers high-quality, outpatient surgery options. For more information, visit



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