Shields MRI & PET/CT: Convenience and comfort at every facility.

Short wait times. Free parking. Easy check-in on an iPad. These are a few things that patients experience at every visit.

Our people set us apart: we’ll treat you as a member of our family. Before your exam, you’ll meet one-on-one with a technologist who will ensure you are comfortable and have answers to all your questions, no matter how small. Your care extends through and beyond your exam, as your technologist will deliver the results directly to your physician.

Our goal is to maximize your experience and minimize the amount of time in the scanner.


Learn how to prepare for your MRI appointment—and what to expect during the exam.

Learn how to prepare for your PET/CT appointment – and what to expect during the exam. 


Shields Radiation Oncology: Compassionate care in a time of uncertainty.

When you’re making daily radiation therapy visits over a period of several weeks, it’s essential the people taking care of you understand the pivotal role they play in your treatment and recovery. At Shields, we treat the whole person. We use our technology and medical expertise to combat your cancer on a physical level, while placing even greater importance on you, answering questions and understanding how your treatment is affecting you.

Our team works tirelessly to ensure your experience is one of comfort, trust, and safety. And we partner up with top hospitals to ensure collaboration and quality of care at every step of the process.

We’re on your side—and we believe small considerations make a big difference. Your care includes:

  • Tours of our facilities prior to treatment
  • Introducing your family to our care team
  • Ongoing communication with your oncologist and surgeon
  • Thorough explanations of your treatment plans—and guidance throughout the treatment process
  • Nurses, technologists, and radiation therapists who coordinate your care with your doctor and discharge you directly to your physician


Learn more about Shields Radiation Oncology.

Learn what to expect as you begin treatment.