Premier Medical Institution partners with Shields for PET/CT services

Shields aided its new partner in better understanding and jointly implementing strategies for improving patient care and access to PET/CT services, educating the referring community, and leveraging connections with local and national organizations to expand clinical research.

The Result:

Patient satisfaction feedback deemed service as “exceptional.” Clinical research cases created a greater diversification, and PET/CT services were extended to satellite locations, thereby improving patient access and options within the health system’s network.

MRI Joint Venture with Shields

In 2012, a strong and expanding health system sought a partner to manage MRI services at its main campus and a satellite location. The goal was, and remains, to reposition MRI as a high-quality, value-based service.

The Result:

The health system and Shields formed a partnership and acquired and built a suite to offer MRI services. With Shields managing the operation, our partner could focus time and attention on other services and priorities. In less than 36 months, the MRI service has nearly doubled and access has been extended to a third outpatient site.


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