Focus. Our specialized focus in advanced imaging and radiology is channeled directly to your organization.

Value. Shields will position your organization as a leader in the market of value. The best in high quality care and service at highly affordable prices.

Capital Investment. A partnership with Shields effectively displaces significant capital expenditures from your hospital’s balance sheet, freeing up precious dollars for other strategic uses.

Efficiency. Our business operators put patient outcomes at the forefront, with workflow solutions that result in better access, greater proficiency, and lower costs.

Growth. Shields’ brand and marketing efforts are proven to grow market share for our partners beyond what they typically can achieve on their own.

Trust. Shields is strong, steady, and growing. The reputation and future of our family-run business depends on the success of our partnerships.


Partnership and Development Services

Bringing your healthcare project to life.

  • Predevelopment: Strategic planning, preterm development, ownership model creation, market assessment, regulatory compliance, etc.
  • Real estate: Assessment, procurement, design, budgeting, construction, negotiation, oversight, etc.
  • Operations: Clinical and clerical services, talent and staff development, patient outcomes, workflow design, clinical protocols, etc.   
  • Management: Strategic and operational leadership, joint operating committees, board meetings, day-to-day governance, oversight of facility, etc.
  • Legal and Compliance: Regulatory authority, billing, licensure and certification, HIPAA privacy and security, ACR accreditation, OSHA compliance, etc.
  • Sales and Marketing: Branding, marketing, sales force, communications, community relations, physician relations, etc.
  • Financial Reporting: Financial statements, annual budgets, audits, forecast updates, etc.
  • Information Technology: RIS, PACS, billing, dictation, EMR integration, patient and referring physician tools, etc.


How to Partner

Our partnerships and services aim to strengthen and re-position your organization in today’s healthcare environment.  Our philosophy is simple – treat each patient as you would treat a loved one. For over 30 years, Shields has built a culture, a company and a reputation by putting the patient, the partner, the referring physician and the customer first.  Let us do for you what we have done for many others and bring your organization to the next level by partnering with us.

Let’s start a conversation.

Contact Vice President of Business Development John Cannillo at or at 508.254.5696