Knowledge that enables empowerment.

We believe an informed patient is an empowered one—and an empowered patient is ready to tackle treatment and get back to full-strength faster. Review the links below for important information on understanding and preparing for your scan or ongoing treatment.

Learn how to prepare for:

What is getting an MRI like? 

Chief technologist, John Trudeau, gives a quick patient overview of the MRI scan. While every patient need and scan are unique, this video helps to prepare our patients for the patient process from check-in to accessing results. Note: Reports and images are available for patients online via SEL once your physician receives the information.

Top technology, expert care, reliable savings.

Shields’ patients can always expect:

  • Convenient locations
    Shields’ has more than 30 freestanding and in-hospital centers across Massachusetts and in New Hampshire.
    Find a location near you.
  • Cutting-edge technology
    Our top-of-the-line technology from GE, Philips, and Siemens helps doctors make a more accurate diagnosis to offer patients the best and most appropriate treatment.
    Get the details on our technology.
  • Open MRI
    For patients sensitive to closed or tight spaces, Shields’ 1.5T and 3T high-field open MRI options provide an extremely comfortable experience and crisp, clear images.
    Read more about open-bore MRI.
  • Renowned radiologists
    Shields’ radiologists are the best at what they do—in fact, they’re sought out by the best physicians in the country to read MRI scans. Our experienced radiologist team includes specialists who focus on musculoskeletal and neurological medicine, and who participate in cutting-edge clinical trials for top medical facilities. At some Shields MRI centers and all PET/CT locations, we partner with local radiologists who share our vision and practice the same methods of care.
    Meet the Shields Team.
  • Rapid results
    Our doctors and staff know the importance of scheduling an appointment quickly and offer same-day or next-day appointments. Your images and reports are delivered quickly to your physician, and we work as a team to accurately address your immediate medical requirements.