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Our service, technology, and low prices speak for themselves—but firsthand experience tells the true story. Hear from patients, healthcare providers, and employers sharing their positive experiences with Shields.

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Patient Testimonials

Shields MRI Patients

“I recently had my first MRI at the Woburn Office. Being this was my first time, I was nervous. However, the Technician and attendant who took care of me put me right at ease. They explained step by step on what was going to happen and how long it would take. Medical procedures are never fun to have. However, the care and concern that I received at Shields certainly helped to make it easier. Thank you to everyone!”

—Angela, Medford, MA 

“I saw the TV commercial and decided to call to see if there was really that much of a pricing difference. I had the MRI last week, the pricing was thousands less than my local hospital, and the staff was unbelievably friendly and helpful. I was very anxious to go into the test, and by the time it started I was totally relaxed and very happy that I chose to go to Baystate MRI and Imaging.”

—Elizabeth, Springfield, MA


“I had an MRI of the brain and I was afraid because I am claustrophobic, but the technicians put me right at ease. From the time I walked in the door, everyone was very kind and calming…it was a good experience for my first time.”

—Patty Smith, Worcester


“I had to have an MRI about a year ago and I was very nervous about the procedure as well as the reason I was having it. The person who scheduled it was very nice and found an appointment that worked with my crazy schedule. When I arrived, the tech who took me in went over everything he was going to do as well as calmed my fears. It was a very pleasant experience.”

—Susan Connors, Worcester


“I had my MRI done at Shields. Not only was it the best price, [but] the service and communication were excellent. I was even called on a Sunday to confirm the appointment and was able to reschedule for a more advantageous time slot.”

—John Maffeo, Peabody, MA


Healthcare Provider Testimonials

“Shields provides to me and my patients the most accessibility, value, and service of any MRI provider in greater Boston.”

—Dr. Gian Corrado


“I have always been impressed with the superior customer service Shields delivers! As practice manager here, I am sometimes asked by other medial folks if I am related to the Shields family who owns the MRIs, and it is always meant as a compliment because the Shields MRI reputation is amazing. The family is known as great people to work with and for.”

—Jennifer Shields, Brockton


“One of my patients came in with severe ankle pain after suffering a bad fall while on vacation…and she was able to get the care she needed right away thanks to the experts at Shields MRI. Not only did they have the advanced technology, they had the knowledgeable staff that diagnosed accurately the full extent of her condition.”

—Melissa Diaz


“Even more important than Shields’ highly competitive price advantage is the clinical value that their service offers me—getting patients scans within the same day that I see them, often with a ride if necessary—is a tremendous advantage when I need diagnostic information to make medically based, work-related decisions for these patients.”

—Dr. Brad Noll, Concentra’s OCC Med Health Clinic at Logan Health Center