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Shields’ open MRI machine features a short bore so most scans can be done with the patient’s head and upper body fully outside.

Shields has 18 locations that offer open-bore MRI machines, including five advanced 3T open MRI machines. Our open-bore machines can accommodate patients up to 500 lbs.

Is your MRI open on three sides?
We’re asked this question. A lot. Our answer is no – and with good reason.

  • The quality of the images is higher on our 1.5T & 3T open MRI machines.
  • The gold standard for MRI is 1.5T strength and those  open on three sides are a lower strength.
  • Our radiologists recommend the images from the 1.5T & 3T open-bore MRI machines for the best diagnosis

Caring for patients with claustrophobia.
Our imaging technologists assist patients who suffer from claustrophobia every day.  Our staff is specially trained to help keep patients relaxed and our equipment helps minimize anxiety so our patients can complete their scans successfully. If your patients are prone to claustrophobia or panic attacks, we can schedule time with them before their exam to show them the equipment and walk them through the procedure as a way to help ease their anxiety.

Every Shields MRI location offers a comfortable experience designed to ease anxiety:

  • The option to tour facility prior to exam
  • Comfortable positioning with warm blankets and pillows (depending on scan type)
  • Ongoing communication with the technologist throughout the scan
  • Headphones with Sirius satellite radio and your choice of relaxing music, mirror and eye mask
  • The option to have a family member or friend accompany you for support (pending MR safety screening)