Advanced surgical services in a lower-cost, outpatient setting.

With our modern and patient-focused approach, you can experience a safe, efficient alternative to traditional hospital-based surgery while maintaining quality of medical treatment and post-operative/recovery care.

Shields Surgery Centers are developed with the collaboration of our partners, which include industry leading hospitals and world-class local surgeons. We take great pride in our innovative approach to outpatient care, greatly enhancing efficiency and convenience (patients can undergo surgery and go back to the comfort of their own home in the same day), while providing exceptional patient care.

At every Shields Surgery Center you can expect:

  • state-of-the-art facility, featuring world-class operating rooms and the latest surgical technology.
  • Exceptional value – high-quality patient-centered care delivered through an efficient, innovative model.
  • personalized patient experience from start to finish, provided in a family-friendly atmosphere with a caring and attentive professional staff
  • Expert medical treatment by nationally recognized, local surgeons and their reputable care team.

Shields Surgery Center Network

Our growing network of outpatient surgery centers provide the highest quality, at a significant savings.

How to Partner

Our partnerships and services aim to strengthen and re-position your organization in today’s healthcare environment.  Our philosophy is simple – treat each patient as you would treat a loved one. For over 30 years, Shields has built a culture, a company and a reputation by putting the patient, the partner, the referring physician and the customer first.  Let us do for you what we have done for many others and bring your organization to the next level by partnering with us.  Let’s start a conversation.

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