Shields MRI at UMass Memorial – Shrewsbury St. offers the first 3T MRI technology in Worcester, MA. Now, our Shrewsbury St., outpatient location features three open-bore MRI machines, guaranteeing an open-bore experience for every patient.

A new level of clarity in images:

  • High sensitivity ideal for subtle tumor detection
  • Sharp, clear resolution for small bones & microstructures
  • Detailed images crucial for tumor borders
  • Significant differentiation for contrast studies, particularly in breast MRI
  • Minimizes effects of patient motion, reducing artifacts and improving image quality

Maximum comfort for patients: 

  • Specialized technology creates the quietest MRI experience ever
  • Powerful applications for scan times up to 50% faster than traditional MRI
  • 70 cm bore provides wide, open bore comfort
  • Free-breathing imaging applications minimize length of time for breath holds and compensate for patient motion
  • Specific to prostate imaging, there is no need for use of an endorectal coil
The GE SIGMA PIONEER 3T MRI features a 70 cm wide, open-bore

  3T MRI is particularly beneficial for:

  • Neurology (MS, brain tumor, pre-op planning for seizures)
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Vascular
  • Breast
  • Body (abdomen & pelvis)
  • Prostate


Shields MRI at UMass Memorial – Shrewsbury Street
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