While there are a range of uses for MRI, the two most common categories at Shields are neurological and orthopedic. MRI is also used to identify anomalies in the breast and the prostate. An MR arthrogram is a two-part exam comprising an X-ray and a traditional MRI. (Learn more about MR arthrogram here.)

Neurological and Orthopedic

Neurological scans of the brain can help assess the effects of stroke, trauma, or disease. Orthopedic scans help answer questions about injuries and degeneration involving knees, shoulders, feet, and ankles.

Shields offers neurological and orthopedic MRI services at all locations.

Breast MRI

MRI of the breast enables physicians to more accurately view the soft tissue of the breast to better identify and characterize possible breast disease. MRI does not replace mammography, but rather provides additional information. Whether your physician is seeking to identify a lesion, plan a surgery, or evaluate risk levels for breast disease, a breast MRI enhances existing information, helping your provider make appropriate decisions about your care.

Through our partnership with Cape Cod Healthcare, we now offer a new and abbreviated breast MRI procedure called FAST MRI. This sensitive test cuts the number of image series needed, reducing the scan time dramatically, compared to a traditional breast MRI. This cutting-edge scan can be used in conjunction with with mammography to pick up fast-growing and hard-to-detect cancers.. It is currently only available at the Cuda Women’s Health Center in Hyannis, and is not covered by insurance. For more information, including an online survey that can help identify qualifying patients, click HERE.

Shields offers breast MRI services at 17 locations.

Prostate MRI (multiparametric prostate MRI)

Shields is leading the way in prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment, offering this extremely advanced technology for prostate imaging. Multiparametric MRI combines three powerful, sophisticated imaging approaches (diffusion-weighted imaging, dynamic contrast enhanced imaging, and T2), that greatly improve the detection of lesions and location of prostate cancer. MRI for the prostate is used for pre-biopsy lesion localization, tumor staging, surveillance, and detection of recurrent disease.

Shields offers multiparametric prostate MRI at 12 locations.

MR Arthrogram

An MR arthrogram is a two-part exam that involves an injection of contrast agent and a traditional MRI of the affected area. It is the latest refinement in diagnostic testing, used to evaluate joint pain, swelling, or abnormal joint movement. It can also help providers identify the presence of abnormal growths or cysts, or diagnose rotator cuff tears, adhesive capsulitis, tear of the rotator interval, disorders of the biceps tendon, and impingement syndrome.

Shields offers MR arthrogram at more than 20 locations.