Breaking down our advanced MRI Technology.

To simplify a very complex machine, an MRI scanner is a very large, strong magnet. MRI scanners come in different magnet field strengths measured in teslas or “T”, usually between 0.5T and 3.0T. They also come in varying sizes including, open-bore, traditional and open-sided. We’ve outlined the three types of MRI machines at Shields, below.

What’s the difference?

1.5T and 3T open-bore MRI

Our 1.5T and 3T open-bore MRI scanners offer the most headroom in MRI with 70 cm opening that provides the most distance from a patient’s face. These wide-bore systems can accommodate almost any size and ease patient anxiety over being in an enclosed space.

Both 1.5T and 3T MRI technology provide extremely clear and vivid images and can often be done faster, decreasing overall scan time. Where 1.5T MRI systems are the gold standard in imaging, the 3T MRI systems are a bit faster and especially beneficial for small bones and dense tissue.

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1.5T & 3T traditional MRI

Our 1.5T and 3T traditional MRI systems offer the level of clarity and speed as our open-bore options, but features a smaller opening with 60cm of headroom.

Like all of our other MRI scanners, there is a comfortable mattress with head support, two-way speakers for ongoing communication with your technologist, and a scan time of up to two times faster than lower strength MRI machines.

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1.2T open-sided MRI

Available only at our Brighton, MA, location, our 1.2T MRI scanner provides detailed image quality as well as a unique open-sided design for patients who are highly anxious about their MRI experience.

This MRI system offers 45 cm of headroom and gives patients the ability to see all around the room during the exam. This unique 270- degree, unobstructed view is ideal for highly anxious, or claustrophobic patients.

Every MRI at Shields offers:

  • High clarity for the most accurate diagnosis
  • Specialty headphones for noise reduction
  • Two-way speakers for direct communication with your technologist
  • Comfortable mattress with head support

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